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www.bluechipminerstrade.com is a Limited Liability company




This is a BROKER platform or pool where you invest your money in Bitcoin and your Bitcoin investment undergoes a regular BROKER operation 24hrs/day making it possible for you to increase your financial capacity. 

This platform helps you to stay financially relevant, it gives you a financial freedom and also, it helps you to secure a financial future. 

The platform is stress-free and it gives you time to attend to your other needs.

Our Job at FASTCHIP MINERS TRADE  LLC is to guide and show our clients how to invest and make money through this platform without the need of a third party.

Bitcoin BROKER operation is carried out 24hr/day generating constant steady interest on the invested bitcoin. An accumulated interest rate is distributed evenly across every wallet registered and connected to the BROKER network.

At FASTCHIP MINERS TRADE  we have the best group of BROKER expert and we mine using the best BROKER hardware( CGminer) which makes it possible for our clients to get the best BROKER services.

Every wallet connected to the BROKER network gets a steady interest return which makes this investment platform more profiting and beneficial.

Once your account is created and registered, your wallet will be credited with a start up bonus interest  of 0.0004btc from FASTCHIP MINERS TRADE

You can monitor and control your investment on FASTCHIP MINERS TRADE  24hrs a day.

At FASTCHIP MINERS TRADE  BROKER network we will never ask our clients for money, we always advise our clients to disregard any such person requesting money from them. 





You can make a withdrawal after 7 days from your investment period.



At FASTCHIP MINERS TRADE we will never ask you to send money to us neither would any of our online agents request money from you. 



NOTE: The Bitcoin miner compensation/commission is 25% of your weekly accumulated interest.

Every time you make a withdrawal, you are required to pay 25% BROKER compensation of your total weekly accumulated interest to the Bitcoin miner. 

The 25% give back, is a compensation fee for the work that the Bitcoin miners do to help you multiply your income. Is a way of saying thank you for the good work done every week.